Dance Classes

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Dance classes your kids will love


Ages: All Ages

A classical technique that is essential for aspiring dancers. These classes focus on building a strong technical foundation and emphasize strength, balance, flexibility, musicality, and overall artistry. With classes of higher experience level, we will occasionally add PBT (Progressing Ballet Technique) into the class format. PBT is an innovative body-conditioning and strengthening program that has been designed to enhance students’ technique by focussing on training the muscle memory required in each exercise in all forms of dance.


Ages: 3 & up

Jazz takes on many styles and faces, but always remains one of the most fundamental genres of dance. Classes will focus on the importance of strength and coordination, body isolations as well as exciting jumps and turns while also developing personal style across the ever-evolving genre. 


Ages: All Ages

Tap dance is all about musicality and is a great place for all dancers to develop their skills as they create music with their feet. Dancers will not only hone their tap technique, but will also increase their knowledge of rhythm and time, which will translate into every other dance style.

Hip Hop

Ages: 5 & up

Hip Hop is a fusion of street dance styles that originated on the streets of New York City and allows dancers to find individual expression, all while increasing their stamina, improving their musicality, and enjoying a wide range of great music. There is also a strong focus on commercial and industrial type choreography while dancing to current pop and hip hop music.


Ages: 5 & up

Lyrical and contemporary dance represent a fusion of genres, pulling from ballet, jazz, and modern dance forms. The movement vocabularies vary but always point to a solid foundation, focusing on alignment, strength, and flexibility. These styles also focus on storytelling and the intention behind the movement.


Ages: 3 & up

Acrobatic skills range from basic forward rolls to more advanced skills such as aerials, back handsprings and more. Acrobatics classes are important for building strength and flexibility as well as advancing a dancer’s repertoire to include many tricks both on the floor and off. 


Ages: 9-19 (younger ages by faculty approval)

Technique is a class for just that… technique. This is a great chance to focus on improving strength, flexibility, tricks, turns, leaps, and more.


Ages: 9 & up for Pre-Pointe and 12 & up with faculty approval for Pointe

Pre-Pointe improves foot flexibility and strength and prepares the body for Pointe.

Pointe is for the advanced dancer and a great way to take Ballet to new heights.